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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lil Kim revealed last week that she is expecting a child, but she didn’t mention who the father was. Her boyfriend Mr. Papers then hinted that he’s the babydaddy by changing his name on Twitter to “Daddy” and posting a shot with the caption “I heard everybody lookin for me.”

With the father’s identity confirmed, Ricky and his crew wanted to know if Kim and Mr. Papers had any ideas about what they might like to name their child. The proud papa seemed determined to keep the baby’s name a secret, but he did slip some other big news: They’re having a boy!

“I don’t really wanna give that to the world yet, but we gon’ let y’all know soon though,” Mr. Papers told Rickey. “We ain’t gon’ hold it too long…He gon’ be a Gemini though.”

And while he was addressing rumors, Mr. Papers also denied rumors that he and Lil Kim have split up. “Nah we together, bruh,” the rapper assured before proudly confirming that their relationship is solid. “You know how they like to talk; we together. That’s my wife; that’s my baby.”


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