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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Baily and Marlo Hampton engage in Twitter Fight

According to S2S

NeNe Leakes apologized for the message she may have sent by offering a terse and intense “speech” during Kenya Moore’s Save Our Daughters charity event.

“I apologize for my behavior,” NeNe wrote in her most recent blog. “I definitely don’t what to teach young women that this is the proper way to respond when someone is trying to trick you into a situation and push your buttons. I would much rather teach young women to be aware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Was NeNe referring to Kenya who told cast members that she’d invited NeNe to the event, despite the strain on their friendship caused by the Pillow Talk melee? Yep.

“Kenya used the charity’s name for her own selfish reasons,” said NeNe who refutes that Kenya ever informed her about the event.

“I never received a call, a text, or an email from Kenya. What I did learn the night before the charity event is that Kenya used a PR Firm to send e-vites to everyone,” explained NeNe who said she didn’t see the email invitation.

“If she really had pure, good intentions, she could have picked up the phone, called me and said, ‘Hey let’s put our differences aside for a night of charity!’”

Unfortunately, Kenya did not do so and when NeNe arrived at the event, she had an obvious chip on her shoulder. It made “RHOA” hubby Peter Thomas so uncomfortable that he wanted to immediately leave the event. His exit caused some tension between him, NeNe and Cynthia Bailey.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell people you love the truth. Sometimes they don’t want to hear it,” Peter tweeted during the episode.

NeNe didn’t extend any apologies to Kenya and questioned the former Miss USA’s sudden focus on philanthropy.

“All this charity B.S. is coming from a person that showed up at my charity event last year in a thong and butt pads!” NeNe reminded “RHOA” fans.

While things seemed to start of cordially between Kenya and NeNe this season, the “Glee” actress said she should have expected things to go left between her and Kenya.

“She had beef witih Cynthia over the whole coochie crack thing, then moved on to Porsha [Williams], then Phaedra [Parks] over a booty video, then to Apollo [Nida], and now me! I see straight through her!” NeNe wrote.

NeNe also alluded that she’s disappointed in so-called friends who didn’t have her back during the disagreement. Was she referring to Marlo Hampton and Cynthia?

She wrote: “Did you see the opportunist that keeps coming around?…Did you see my friend just sit there and indirectly support this B.S.? I have worked with a lot of women over the years, and the one thing that it has taught me is that life is like an elevator—on your way, you have to let people off!”

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